The Benefits of Real Estate Mediation in New York

Real estate disputes are among the most complex cases attorneys and their clients face. Real estate disputes often involve mountains of paperwork, convoluted legal issues, and a number of parties. Pursuing or defending a real estate case in the court system may take many months, or even years. Real estate mediation in New York allows the parties to come together to try to settle their dispute without having to wait months and months for a trial date. Real estate mediation in New York provides a number of benefits for the parties involved.

During a real estate dispute, the focus is often on who committed some sort of wrong that led to the contested issues in the case. Arguing who is right and who is wrong often hinders progress in settlement discussions. During mediation, the focus of the discussions is on settling the case, as opposed to who is to blame. This allows the parties to let their guards down a bit and talk about how they would like to see the case resolved. Thus, mediation allows the parties to settle their case much more quickly than if they had waited for a trial.

Real estate mediation is also much less stressful for the parties. Rather than having to go to court, take the witness stand, and answer dozen of fast-paced questions from an opposing attorney, the parties simply discuss the case with a mediator and try to compromise and reach an agreement to finalize the dispute.