Rochester Personal Injury Attorney


ersonal injury is one of the main reasons people end up in a courtroom. When one person does something that results in another person’s harm, the victim deserves fair compensation. Unfortunately, it is often difficult for both parties to agree on what is truly fair.

Personal injury trials leave the fate of everyone involved in the hands of a judge or jury. This means each party has little choice but to accept whatever decision is made in the trial. Far too often this arrangement results in both parties walking away from the dispute unhappy with the outcome.

Luckily, there is a better way.

Mediation makes it possible to resolve personal injury disputes without the disappointment, time, or expense of litigation. The process leaves those involved in complete control of the outcome. Solutions that would not be an option in the courtroom can be explored and used if both parties agree. Personal injury mediation is cheaper, faster, and more efficient than taking a dispute to trial.

Personal injury mediation brings both parties together to discuss the issue at hand. Personal feelings are addressed, as well as the facts of the case. This gives everyone a chance to speak his or her mind without concern for repercussions. The process is completely confidential and for many, is exactly what is needed to encourage reasonable negotiation.

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