How Expensive is Personal Injury Mediation in New York?

For most individuals, the legal process is scary and overwhelming. Not only are one’s legal rights at stake, but many individuals worry about the expenses involved with legal claims. In many cases, an individual may spend tens of thousands of dollars to bring or defend a personal injury claim. Though personal injury mediation in New York is not without its costs, these expenses are miniscule when compared to the potential price tag of a courtroom trial. If you are involved in a personal injury case, consider personal injury mediation in New York to provide an efficient, less expensive resolution to your case.

To prepare for trial, expert witnesses may be consulted, thousands of pages worth of documents will be copied, and depositions may need to be taken. Each of these events is quite costly, and will ultimately be the responsibility of the client. As an illustration, imagine the expenses involved if an expert witness must go to trial: that witness will usually require hourly pay, plus the travel expenses incurred.

In contrast, a personal injury mediator may charge a couple thousand dollars to mediate the case. These expenses are often split equally by the parties. Mediation has been highly successful in personal injury cases, whether they have involved a simple “fender bender” or serious injuries. Therefore, the parties are more likely to reach settlement and conclude their case when they use mediation, and they will save thousands of dollars as well. Clearly, personal injury mediation is an excellent option.