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James E. Maslyn – Mediation – Car Accident Attorney


Are you involved in a legal dispute? Are you hoping to find a resolution without the hassle and expense of taking the matter to court?

Jim Maslyn can help.

Jim understands litigation is not always the best route to a successful resolution. He knows clients are looking for more affordable options that end legal disputes more efficiently

Legal battles take time and are expensive. Leaving your fate in the hands of a jury is risky and can lead to appeals with more time and money expended.

Mediation gives you some control over the outcome of your legal dispute. You say whether or not an option is reasonable and you determine when your dispute is truly resolved. Mediation or Arbitration also provide cost-savings and are less frustrating than litigation.

If you believe mediation or arbitration could help you solve a legal dispute, Jim can help.

He handles matters throughout Western New York. Whether it be as a Mediator or Arbitrator, Jim is available to address your needs.

For more information, or to schedule a consultation with Jim, contact him at 585.739.2273 or by email at jmaslyn875@gmail.com.