Real Estate


eal estate disputes are some of the messiest legal issues around. They not only involved a great deal of detail and variation, they might also include emotional issues. When a real estate project involves someone’s home or business, it can get particularly difficult to find a resolution that makes everyone involved happy.

Real estate mediation makes the process a bit easier because it provides an opportunity to address the emotional, as well as practical, issues involved in a dispute.

When real estate disputes wind up in the courtroom, there is the potential for everyone involved to walk away unhappy. Equally as bad, the existing relationship between the disputing parties might be ruined forever.

Real estate mediation offers a process by which disputes can be resolved, projects continued, mutually beneficial relationships preserved, and solutions applied that make everyone happy.

Since those involved in the dispute are the ones in charge of creating and agreeing to the solution, there is a high likelihood everyone will be happy with the outcome of mediation. As a matter of fact, successful mediation is defined by a satisfactory conclusion: unless all parties are happy, there is no resolution. Mediators oversee the process, but are not permitted to dictate any type of decision, so disputing parties remain in complete control from beginning to end.

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