Practice Areas

Personal Injury

Personal injury is one of the main reasons people end up in a courtroom. When one person does something that results in another person’s harm, the victim deserves fair compensation. Unfortunately, it is often difficult for both parties to agree on what is truly fair. Personal injury trials leave the fate of everyone involved in the hands of a judge or jury. This means each party has little choice but to accept whatever decision is made in the trial.Read More


Contract mediation is one of the best ways to resolve disputes related to contracts. It removes the expense and frustration of litigation, and focuses on what is most important: resolving the issue at hand so parties can move forward. Contracts are intended to prevent legal disputes. The goal of creating a contract is to create an airtight agreement that governs a relationship and ensures everyone is treated fairly.Read More

Real Estate

Real estate disputes are some of the messiest legal issues around. They not only involved a great deal of detail and variation, they might also include emotional issues. When a real estate project involves someone’s home or business, it can get particularly difficult to find a resolution that makes everyone involved happy. Real estate mediation makes the process a bit easier because it provides an opportunity to address the emotional, as well as practical, issues involved in a dispute.Read More